The Return of Mad Trucker Gone Mad: The Legend of Billy Gas

To start off, I would just like to say, "Who gives a shit!" Really. Rock bands are a dime a dozen. So what if MTGM kicks huge bloody mule cock all the way to the Valley of Jehosephat. Sure, most bands pale in comparison. But so, !@#% -ing what! Not all beat, rhythm and melody wranglers can say they spent most of their adult life in the Egg Sandwich, Texas Low-Security Prison for Schizophrenic Homeless Drug and Sex Addicts. And who would blame 'em. I wouldn't wish that fate on my drunkest uncle. Shit! I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone, septin' maybe myself. And I deserved every boring, wasted day in that sideshow of a correctional institution. I'll tell you what. Learned me real good how to sing 'bout the pain in my heart. Here's the rest of the story.

After being release from Egg Sandwich in 1996, Del Monte Carlo and his half-brother Buddy Swan started a little music outfit and named it Mad Trucker Gone Mad affectionately after a truck driver that had lost his mind on some of that orange sunshine back in the hippie days. He is probably still rottin' away in Egg Sandwich, TX to this day. Anyhow, Buddy fell in love with a traveling Mary Kay saleswoman and left ol' Del to fend for him self on the mean streets of Madison, Wisconsin. Well, Del met up with a feller by the name of Martini Van Lane and another joker by the name of 2-Can Shinbones. Well, before too long, them Mad Truckers were touring and recording and getting into all kinda' trouble.

Then 2-Can married a pharmacist. If it weren't for an old friend of Del Monte Carlo's, 3-Ball Joe, it would have been curtains for the wayward Truckers. Unfortunately, after not to long a stint (an EP and several sorta' successful tours) , 3-Ball had enough. With a calendar full of shows and a new recording in the works, Del and Martini turned to 4-Play Jones, a troubled young man, love-sick and forlorn, but with tight chops and the will to be a homeless loser akin to the Mad Truckin' type. Unfortunately, some of the Truckers darkest work was to follow. The trio became a quartet with the addition of Blackjack on rhythm guitar. The band spun it's wheels and was heading nowhere fast when the good lord sent a car thief to put them out of their misery and

over $30,000 in gear. By 2002, it looked like the truck was wrecked. Sold for scrap. Finished.

But wait just a gall darned minute!

Fast-forward to the fall of 2005.

Del meets up with the former Egg Sandwich inmates and musicians The Legendary Billy Gas (bass) and his long time companion 5-Card Jack (drums) at a grocery store in Kalamazoo, MI. on a fluke encounter fender-bender in the parking lot. After a bloody lip, two black eyes, a dozen or so minor lacerations, hair loss in clumps and a broken left hand and front tooth, (collectively) the boys got to talking music. Little did they know at the time, they were beating the crap out of what turned out to be each of the others biggest fans and Egg Sandwich, Texas Low-Security Prison for Schizophrenic Homeless Drug and Sex Addicts alma mater to boot!! They shook hand, exchanged insurance information and talked business.

It was time to get the Truck back out on the road.


self titled (The Black Album)

Review by: Jeb

MAD TRUCKER GONE MAD have the distinction of not only being the best psycho-billie

band I have ever heard but also being near the top of my "most underappreciated band

in the world" list. It blows my mind that will all the half-baked "pop punk" and "alternative"

bands selling millions of CDs that these boys aren't bigger than the soft taco. Not because

they sound anything like the cookie cutter bands topping the charts, but because they

are an honest-to-Gates radio friendly alternative to "alternative" rock and they are ten times

more poppy and twenty times more punk than most "pop punk" bands. Their infectious hooks

and contagious melodies are driven home with a tough as nails delivery that combines rock-a-

billie, punk, blues and country in such a way as to convince me that these seemingly

incompatible genres actually belong together.

- the crass menagerie

I personally love this album, and give it the mighty mind toilet squirt of approval.

- mind toilet magazine

The revival of country music in indie-band land (led by the two bands that formed out of Uncle Tupelo's split, Wilco and Son Volt) has been different than the last fascination circa 1983. Though the new brand is certainly more "country-rock" than the bluesy formula laid down from Hank Williams, Sr. to George Jones, there was more roots rock and rockabilly in the '80s kind. But this Madison, WI-based trio, led by former Ladybeard leader Del Monte Carlo, rocks as sure as it howls, with so many swigs of moonshine '30s-'50s hoot rock that the band is more energized psychobilly. Harder and less quirky than fellow Wisconsinites the Violent Femmes and faster than the Cramps (who were more wonderfully perverse), if not as ballsy as the Didjits, Mad Trucker Gone Mad scores with a set of greasy but great hooks, reminding in the best senses of the Libertines' modernization of Leadbelly's '30s classic, "In the Pines." Or the Long Ryders if they'd had more Bill Haley, Hank Ballard, Jimmy Rodgers, Gene Autry, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, and Sun era Elvis in them (and a splash more cowboy hats and spurs). Great surprise!

~ Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover, All Music Guide

this stuff is so high energy it should come with a rabies shot. if this doesn’t get you foaming at the mouth, nothing will. one of the best albums iv’e heard in a long time.

- etch magazine